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Asker rebekkadraws Asks:
Hey there! First of all, thanks for putting together these outfits (I think I said this once before a while ago, haha) it's so cute and a really fun idea. Sorry if it's a bother asking, but you recently mentioned buying a fanmade dvd with all the episodes - where did you find this dvd, and is the quality okay?
atbg-fashion atbg-fashion Said:

Thanks for the compliment! :) I just saw this message in my inbox so I apologize if it took a while to respond.

I bought the DVDs here and the quality is a little better than what it is on YouTube; it’s not stellar high-def but it’s not bad. It was a burned set too so unfortunately it didn’t come with a case or disc artwork or anything, and had I known it was going to be just a set of burned DVDs with the episodes I probably would’ve tried to find it cheaper than $30. But all in all it did what I wanted it to do - give me the series on DVD - and since Nickelodeon doesn’t seem to want to do that for me, this is a great alternative. :)